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Asia and Middle East – a transcontinental region of countries that represents unimaginable and unusual traditions, manners and living situations of all kind of types. Have you ever been to a country that doesn’t speak a roman language, especially English as first language or to an area that has a completely different view of how to think, live and work? No? Then it’s about time to do so.

Discover the variety of the world by choosing an interesting destination somewhere in Asia and the Middle East. This part of the world covers so many different areas and cultures.

Adventure incentive travel to UAE with b-ceed

One hand guarantee for a successful trip
Since we are dealing with an intersection of Africa, Asia and Europe, we are not only talking about different continents but also about the cultural differences like religion, manners and customs. If you want to have an exciting Business Travel that on the one hand guarantees a successful Business Trip to develop your business matters, but on the other hand offers an unbelievable experience of a new and undiscovered culture, b-ceed will help you choose the most suitable destination for your company. As an event agency, we are going to take care of the whole procedure of planning your Business Travel – this includes organizing the whole trip: transfer, hotel rooms, conference rooms and, recommended by us, Business Events to discover and to get to know the city, its people and traditions.

Talking about Business Events, wouldn’t it be an amazing idea to drive an adventurous rally through the hot Arabian Desert with your colleagues after a few long and successful days of working and improving your business?

Discover the desert and cities of UAE
To give you an idea of what we offer: For instance, a Business Travel to the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. It enables an experience between reality and fantasy and can easily be connected with one of our Business Events. Dubai is a region which manages to bring Western influences and Middle Eastern traditions into contrast. Gigantic shopping malls, huge golf greens and luxury hotels merge with the wide and quiet areas of the hot desert and the old brownstone houses from the past. Discover all of this in the fabulous city of Dubai.

Discover the great wall during your asia travel with b-ceed

Discover ancient cultures and high tech cities
Asia is more than an adventurous trip. Get ready for an incentive travel project you will never forget. Travel with us to the Great Wall of China and enjoy traditional food exclusively in one of our great locations near the wall. You like it big? Get on board of a plane flying directly to Hong Kong, Beijing or Tokio. Get the latest offers of great framework programs such as live shows, caraoke parties or city trips on traditional vehicles.

Explore Asia with its big cities, natural outdoor places and traditional highlights with b-ceed.

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