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Are you planning an incentive travel to a place somewhere in the world that is farther away than just a one hour car drive? How about Europe, the Middle East or, even more exciting, the countries of the South Pacific? We are pretty sure that not even a third of your company’s employees has ever been to Australia, New Zealand or one of the numerous island around both.

But why should you choose b-ceed as an event agency to plan and organize your trip to the Outback of Australia, to one of its smaller islands or the beautiful Auckland of New Zealand? The answer is very simple. Both us and you want to organize a Business Trip that enriches and improves your company’s business matters and that helps your employees to build a bond with each other. Choosing our agency will guarantee a structured and successful process of planning your Business Travel, organizing all the necessary components such as flights, hotels and conference rooms. Since you are going to discover a new place in a new country or rather a continent, we suggest you combining your Business Travel with Business Events.

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Australia: the world’s largest island
Australia, the world’s smallest continent but sixth largest country, is often known as the ‘world’s largest island’: Starting off with famous cities such as Sydney, where the famous Opera is placed, Melbourne, where art, museums and royal botanic gardens are fantastically represented, and Brisbane or Perth, both of which have beautiful beaches and landscapes. Australia also has several islands such as Tasmania and numerous smaller ones, all of which are absolutely beautiful and offer breathtaking views. All of this can be discovered in Business Events which we organize and perfectly adjust to not only your timetable but also your ideas and wishes.

Stress management in the australien outback
Australia is very diverse and it’s worth discovering all of it. Take a break of work at a beach along the coastline which extends over many kilometers, giving you the feeling of being at the end of the world. If your company is more interested in getting to know the culture and past, we recommend visiting the Outback, the desert that makes Australia the driest inhabited continent, or the Uluru, which is a large sandstone rock and is connected with the history about the Aboriginal people. Every Business Event will be unique and will make you understand why Australia exists the way it does nowadays.

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New Zealand: amazing experiences with the team

An incentive travel  to the hot area of the South Pacific always guarantees lovely and hot weather, as the climate is strongly influences by the ocean currents. New Zealand, the second destination we offer for incentive travel South Pacific, also presents stunning destinations to escape the ordinary and to broaden one’s horizon. Wouldn’t it be an absolutely amazing experience to discover the huge port and Maori culture of Auckland, go for a walk along New Zealand’s several beautiful beaches, or get impressed by the rural scene, of lakes surrounded by mountains or the stunning landscape of an island that could not be more beautiful itself?  We make all of this possible. If you are interested and you would like to get more information, feel free to contact us anytime.

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