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The United States of America – “The American Dream, a dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement”. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to visit America once in their life, or to discover more than just one of the 50 states, which all have their own unique stories to tell?

America as the land of boundless opportunities to do anything, the huge contrast of Las Vegas, known for its Casinos and party scene, to Alabama, the countryside of America, or Canada, a rather cold area with beautiful landscapes and lakes, spread over the whole country.

b-ceed offers incentive travels to basically every part of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific, and the area of North America. North America is a destination which our customers absolutely love, because it offers much more than you can think of. And even if you are living in the area, or think you know everything about it, we will always manage to find something extraordinary to show to you, leaving you speechless.

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Canada: lots of adventure for explorers
Canada, known as the country of Marble Syrup and for its friendly people, may be a fantastic destination as well. We are talking about the beautiful city of Vancouver, with its stunning parks and lovely location near the ocean, or Toronto, with its CN Tower, Lake Ontario or several aquariums. As it is located in the northern part of North America, it mostly has a cold climate, however, some southern areas are usually quite warm in the summer.

From Washington to Vegas
Washington, New York, Los Angeles or Vegas – it does not matter which city you are interested in visiting, b-ceed offers a variety of incentive travel ideas across North America. If you are planning your upcoming business travel to somewhere in America or Canada, we are happily awaiting your request to fulfill your wish of a perfect incentive trip.

Your experts for the next incentive travel
If your company is located in the USA or Canada, and you are looking forward to a Business Trip that far away from your company’s location, but does not involve taking an oversea flight, a destination for a successful business trip anywhere in America and Canada can easily be organized for you. We not only have the required know-how when it comes to fulfilling your expectations, but also the ability to perfectly sort out your Business Travel combined with our partners, which are located all over the world. We enable an unforgettable stay by including Business Events in your schedule; all – of course – organized and planned by us.

We want you to have a relaxed and successful stay, therefore we take 100% responsibility for the whole procedure of planning, organizing and performing: transfer for the whole incentive travel, luxury accommodations, suitable conference rooms for your business matters and business events to perfectly top off your trip. Are you interested in getting to know more of North America, the United States and Canada? Feel free to contact us any time and book your next Business Travel with b-ceed.

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